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Identification of Dynamic Equivalents based on Heuristic Optimization for Smart Grid Applications
Nombre del Congreso
IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence
Brisbane, Australia
Fecha: 2012
Vulnerability assessment is one of the main tasks in a Self-Healing Grid structure, since it has the function of detecting the necessity of performing global control actions in real time. Due to the short-time requirements of real time applications, the eligible vulnerability assessment methods have to consider the improvement of calculation time. Although there are several methods capable of performing quick assessment, these techniques are not fast enough to analyze real large power systems in real time. Based on the fact that vulnerability begins to develop in specific regions of the system exhibiting coherent dynamics, large interconnected power systems can be reduced through dynamic equivalence in order to reduce the calculation time. A dynamic equivalent should provide simplicity and accuracy sufficient for system dynamic simulation studies. Since the parameters of the dynamic equivalent cannot be easily derived from the mathematical models of generators and their control systems, numerical identification methods are needed. Such an identification task can be tackled as an optimization problem. This paper introduces a novel heuristic optimization algorithm, namely, the Mean-Variance Mapping Optimization (MVMO), which provides excellent performance in terms of convergence behavior and accuracy of the identified parameters. The identification procedure and the level of accuracy that can be reached are demonstrated using the Ecuadorian-Colombian interconnected system in order to obtain a dynamic equivalent representing the Colombian grid.
Cepeda Campaña, Jaime Cristóbal
Rueda Torres, José Luis
*Erlich, I.
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