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Herramienta metaheurística aplicada a la operación hidrotérmica, considerando la red de transmisión
Nombre del Congreso
San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina
Fecha: 2014
The hydrothermal systems operation planning is an optimal control problem, complex in nature due to its nonlinear, dynamic, stochastic, non-separable and non-convex character. Conventionally it has been solved by mean of algorithms of mathematical programming which generally require simplifications in the formulation of the problem, even in the context of technological developments that allow to have computation resources increasingly faster and more memory available .Moreover, metaheuristic techniques have been developed with advantages such as simplicity, flexibility and robustness, by offering a great potential for solving complex optimization problems. Prior works use metaheuristic tools to solve single-node hydrothermal operation. Taking into account the impact of transmission network in low meshed systems, as they are usually in Latin-America, this work presents a methodology using MVMO-SH tool in combination with a DC power flow. In order to simplify the comparison with a reference model, the production functions of hydro plants and cost of thermal units were modelled linear, however metaheuristic techniques are suitable for the treatment of nonlinear problems. The results are compared with a linear programming model
Camargo Martínez , Martha Patricia
Jiménez Agudelo, Diana Yicel
Añó, Osvaldo